Ein Stutt og Stokkut Løta

at Tvøroyrar Kirkja (The Church of Tvøroyri)


(lyrics and album link further down) Reproduced with kind permission from Kringvarp Føroya.

Hamradun performing a psalm by Mikkjal á Ryggi in Tvøroyrar Kirkja (Church of Tvøroyri) for Faroese national television in 2018.

This song was also recorded for our first album “Hamradun”, released in 2015 on TUTL records, available here http://tutlrecords.com/products_show….

  • Pól Arni Holm: lead vocals
  • Uni Debess: guitar, backing vocals
  • John Egholm: guitar
  • Finnur Hansen: keyboard, backing vocals
  • Heri Reynheim: bass
  • Rani Christiansen: drums

Church organ intro by Petur Martin Johansen