Heiðin (Live 2019)

at SALT Sound Art Live Theatre, Suðuroy


Reproduced with kind permission from Kringvarp Føroya.
Hamradun performing “Heiðin” live at the
Sound Art Live Theater (SALT) on Suduroy.
Recorded for Faroese television in 2019.

Lyrics: Pól Arni Holm
Music: Pól Arni Holm
Arrangement: Pól Arni Holm/Uni Debess/Finnur Hansen

Pól Arni Holm – lead vocals. Uni Debess: guitar/vocals. John Egholm: guitar/vocals. Finnur Hansen: keyboards/samples. Heri Reynheim: bass. Rani H. Christiansen: drums.

Hans Petur Hansen, Mathias Dimon Næs, Bjarni Rubeksen: camera operators. Albin W. Ísaksson: lights. Alexander Gaard: sound recording. Magnus Gaard Hansen: CCU. Finnur Hansen: sound editing. Rúni Friis Kjær: producer

Lyric translation:

HEIÐIN (Heathen)

(Vers 1:)
I walk through dark gorges
I turn my back to this wicked world
A lone walk in solitude
The sun sends shadows to me

Choose your journey on the beautiful expanse
Choose the path that you like
Set your foot forward so free
Breathe deeply, and the heart beats.

Listen to your ancient fathers
That walked the same path
Hear that whispers are coming from the mountains
They accompany your through the spaces and fields

(Vers 2:)
Up above a bird’s croak is heard
Ravens are flying high in the sky
They carry messages, and all they see
Is soon known at the Father’s step